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iFollow & Wiio automate the Vandemoortele food factory in Ariège

Wiio automates the food factory of Vandemoortele in Ariège
12.04.2022 – 11h01
by Olivier ROUSSARD


Wiio deploys autonomous Ifollow robots at the Vandemoortele bread production site in Le Fossat, 60 km south of Toulouse.

The editor and integrator Wiio is automating the industrial bakery plant of the food group Vandemoortele, located in the town of Le Fossat in Ariège. Three iL-1000 Grands Froids robots from Ifollow have been ordered to autonomously transport heavy pallets (up to 1000 kg) from the production line to the storage area of the logistics warehouse, 24 hours a day. They will also be able to return empty pallets to the production line. “In 2022, the plant will take a new step in its modernization to increase its productivity and enter Industry 4.0. Indeed, the integration of three AMRs will enable the organization and working methods to evolve to make them more productive and flexible. This technological strategy is also part of the human and organizational evolution already underway at the site. This major investment is also part of the improvement of the working conditions and the increase of the employees’ skills”, says Julien Chartier, site manager at Vandemoortele.

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