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Automate internal transport missions in your warehouse with our safe and reliable autonomous mobile robots

Logistics and industry embrace warehouse automation with AMRs

Aging workforce demographics, labor shortage, employee turnover, constraints on supply and movement of goods, supply chain disruption, increasing interest in industry 4.0 technologies and the ever-continuing drive to improve productivity are only a few of the reasons why warehouses automate their picking and in-house transport operations with AMR robots.

iFollow’s autonomous mobile robots are used in logistics and industrial environments for different applications: picking for logistics or inbound, A-B shuttle and outbound transport.

All you have to do is map the area so the robots can perform internal transport operations. From the reception of payloads from 300kg up to 1,5 t to dispatching and outbound logistics – we can automate all!

Our flexible AMRs can handle heavy-duty tasks such as the autonomous transport of small and large loads on pallets, roll cages, conveyors and other interfaces. They can even carry two roll cages at once, significantly increasing productivity.

Our mobile robots automate internal transport flows, such as inbound logistics, A-B moving payload transfer and outbound transport. They are robust enough to move on imperfect floors, smoothly moving around obstacles, people or objects.

Flexible and safe moving operations are guaranteed!

Another significant advantage is that the robots are thin and compact, which helps you save space in your warehouse.

Also, in pallet moving operations, our robots increase up to 50% your productivity and deliver fast ROI – between 12 and 24 months.

User-friendly and intuitive fleet management software

Mycelium – iFollow’s fleet management software can be implemented on any computer. The web application can even be consulted on a smartphone. This way, you can program your robots from elementary bricks.

Within just a few clicks, you can modify the locations, the missions assigned to the robots, and the scheduling of tasks. Connectable to all WMS and ERP on the market, Mycelium is an essential tool for transport and logistics order preparation.

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iFollow supports you from A to Z in your transformation projects

Do not modify your premises, our autonomous mobile robots adapt to your installations.
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