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Increasing Demand for 3PL logistics

As the world economy becomes more complex, businesses are looking for ways to streamline their supply chains. This has led to an increase in demand for third-party logistics providers.

3PL businesses are helping merchants and retailers reduce costs, increase productivity and effectively manage their supply chains. Higher demand in retail and the explosive growth of e-commerce, especially after the post-pandemic period, explain the continuous rise of third-party logistics businesses.

To provide clients with more agile services, 3PL businesses need to look for ways to invest in more personnel, train them and ensure employees are motivated enough to stay. 

However, is it easy to find people willing to work in the warehouse environment all the time?


Labor Shortage Remains a Serious Issue

The simple answer is no. Labor shortage remains a challenge for the sector. Sometimes 3PL and logistics players are looking for seasonal workers that join companies as a helping hand for peak times.

Labor Shortage Remains a Serious Issue

However, peak seasons are throughout the year and seasonal workers are only for a short-term run. If 3PL businesses want to be effective and retain staff, the warehouse environment should become a more attractive workplace. Therefore, 3PL logistics businesses look for ways to embrace technology and tackle these challenges. 

How Autonomous Mobile Robots Boost Productivity in the Logistics Sector

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Autonomous mobile robots help optimize workflows and decrease costs.
Robots work 24/7 and smoothly collaborate with employees.

iFollow AMRs are very present in the sector.

Mobile robots optimize internal transport of good flows: inbound logistics, A-B movements and outbound logistics. They are flexible enough to take care of the movement of the goods from one picking point to another, safely maneuvering around static and dynamic obstacles.

AMRs handle monotonous tasks such as load transfer. Besides, some tasks can be more varied and dangerous. Depending on the payload, it can cause a risk of musculoskeletal disorders.

Human-AMR Collaboration for Employee Motivation

Human-AMR collaboration is very appealing to humans. They no longer have to push and pull heavy loads, also walking distance in warehouses is minimized.

In addition, employees discover new technology and new ways of working.
When robots concentrate on dirty and dull transport, people can focus on higher-value tasks. In human-robot collaboration, humans take the master role. 

Picking for 3PL logistics with Autonomous Mobile Robots

Order preparation (picking) is one of the most common applications in this sector. iFollow robots serve as a picker’s right-hand assistant in various picking methods. Especially in a duo-picking method, two iFollow robots collaborate with one operator, thus maximizing efficiency.

The picker concentrates on order preparation activities while the robot handles internal transport.

And when autonomous mobile robots manage the movement of goods, the picker has more time to pick up products, increasing productivity.

They also have better working conditions and higher productivity.

Fighting the Unknown with Mobile Robots

Technology is a great asset for what the future might hold. With autonomous mobile robots, businesses can remain agile when there are ups and downs in demand.