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iFollow is committed to its customers and offers quality service, responsiveness and professionalism.

The 12 reasons to choose iFollow as your trusted partner

Our expert team in robotics fully understands that automation is an essential and complex transformation process within an organizational structure. Our teams passionately ensure that your automation project exceeds your strategic and operational objectives. Each contract is monitored by a dedicated iFollow project manager, an expert in his field and a guarantor of customer satisfaction. He defines the process according to the client’s needs, reports on the technical performance of the installation, anticipates the necessary actions in case of unforeseen circumstances and proposes improvement solutions thanks to the support of mechanical, electronics and IT departments.

Our support teams guide you throughout the project, at every step, from the initial planning and deployment process to operations, optimization and updating. No matter how complex your automation requirements are, we’ll always be by your side to keep your iFollow installation running smoothly and efficiently.

We smoothly integrate robots into your existing installations, meaning you don’t have to rethink your warehouse environments, such as rack positions and structures on the ground, as it happens in the case of guided shuttle-type systems.


Every client has different needs and goals. This is why we work closely to understand your facilities, existing workflows, challenges, and objectives. Then, we create a detailed project for on-site implementation as well as planning to meet your current and future goals.

During deployment, we continually test and evaluate all aspects and measure results in line with your baseline metrics, performance goals, and security considerations. We train your team to make iFollow solutions efficiently.

iFollow autonomous mobile robots comply with international standards and our software can be seamlessly integrated with any standard warehouse management or production system on the market.

The most significant advantage of autonomous mobile robots is their ease of integration. If the application does not require major developments on specific interfaces, then we can install our robots in a few months with minimal or no disruption to ongoing warehouse or assembly line operations. The AMR fleet is designed to be ready for use.

Flexible design, combined with scheduled maintenance by our expert technicians and 24/7/365 off-site system monitoring, ensures that every installation is up and running. Our flexible, autonomous mobile robots allow interchangeability in the event of failure. This means that even if a robot is down, another can easily replace it, which allows operational continuity of the fleet without stopping production.

Automation solutions should evolve easily during their life cycle according to customer needs and technological advances (hardware and software). We know this reality and offer updates, modernization and extension of the services to integrate technological developments, maintaining installations operational.

Our dedicated team remains by your side to measure, optimize and ensure the proper functioning of your installations. You get real-time data reports on your operations thanks to our fleet management software – Mycelium – and its complete dashboards.

We also ensure you always have the latest software updates, resources and tools to keep your operations running smoothly.

Our logistics experts support you with installation and performance, operational audit and logistic consulting, which then can extend to physical changes in the environment to make the best use of the space and get maximum from the automation project.

iFollow offers a wide range of contracts, from a simple one-time visit to the on-site presence of a dedicated team, including system management or periodic security audits and checks.

As part of a maintenance contract and to fully guarantee the functionality of all the services, iFollow provides its customers with a 24/7 call center.

Our teams intervene remotely via remote control or by traveling directly to the site for specific missions. We have experts in all areas you might need: electronics, automation, mechanics or IT.

Our engineers vigilantly monitor all sites in real-time. Proactive, preventive and on-site maintenance programs guarantee continuous functionality, possible remote intervention and significant cost savings.

Our support team is available at any time and can work immediately with the personnel on-site to take the necessary measures to resolve the problems while ensuring the security and continuity of operations.

Our monitoring tools allow rapid and effective intervention. In many cases, troubleshooting is performed remotely.

You need to be autonomous in the management of your installation, iFollow accompanies you from the provision of the list of emergency spare parts to the anticipated control of worn parts.

We ensure the storage of spare parts in our premises and the presence of standard parts for rapid delivery, minimizing downtime.

We offer you the management of emergency parts at your location, which optimizes the availability of your equipment.

In addition, our services monitor the obsolescence of the robot’s parts. We identify and qualify components for replacement, build up stocks to avoid production stops, and keep you informed of medium-term needs if necessary.

Our training courses are set up to transfer the know-how and expertise of our solutions to you, whether you are a customer or a partner. In addition, we provide on-site training to enable users to deal with basic equipment and system errors on their own.

Maintenance training

  • Basic operation and maintenance
  • Advanced maintenance
  • Basic troubleshooting
  • Advanced Troubleshooting

User training

  • Operator training
  • Operations, security and best practices

Manager training

  • User access management
  • Monitoring of performance indicators
  • Auditing and exception handling


We adapt our infrastructures and services to respond to new cybersecurity issues faced by manufacturers while continuing to guarantee the operational safety of our systems.

Working closely with our customers on these topics, we can understand the operational needs for securing OT.

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