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Avalaible vacancies

You will develop multi-agent system and optimization techniques with the iFollow robotics platform. You will need to easily take decisions related to algorithm development, framework design, implementation, and practical utility.

Design and implement scalable and efficient systems for multi-robot traffic planning, optimization and management.
Collaborate with robotics software and hardware teams to develop multi-robot coordination solutions in creative ways.
Drafting of complete design and technical documents.

MS or PhD in Computer Science, Robotics, Applied Mathematics or Operations Research
5+ years of hands-on software engineering experience with modern C++ (C++11 or newer standards) in a Linux or Unix environment
In-depth knowledge of planning, optimization and/or multi-agent systems
Demonstrated expertise in implementing efficient and scalable software and algorithm
Strong communication, troubleshooting and debugging skills
Passion for robotics

Experience implementing published researches
Experience in Docker, Git, GitHub and JIRA
Experience with ROS

As a commissioning engineer at iFollow, you will collaborate with an experienced team to perform onsite installations, configuration and commissioning of our robots at customer sites.

This job requires a unique combination of in-depth understanding of iFollow software and hardware, strong project management skills, training capability, relationship management and effective communication. As we grow, you will travel over 60% abroad, all expenses are paid, and we give a bonus of 80€ /day for over 400 km travel per day in France and internationally.

– Create detailed technical project plans for the commissioning of complex robotic solutions, including robotic hardware, software and servers at customer sites.
– Actively participate in the configuration and installation process of the infrastructure, especially during the initial commissioning process.
– Manage on-site customer relationships with multiple internal and external teams during the on-site implementation of iFollow robots.
– Ensure the proper functioning of robots on-site by working hand in hand with customers after the set up.

– 1 to 5 years of experience in the installation of industrial systems
– Proven success as a team member and leader
– Motivated and independent, able to solve problems independently and within client expectations
– Strong communication skills to collaborate effectively with internal and external team
– Expertise and interest in various technical subjects such as robotics software and hardware
– > 60% travel (France, Europe, US, Japan) is required for this position
– BS in computer science, engineering or related technical field
– Speak at least two languages: French and English

– Hands-on experience in software engineering with modern C++ in a Linux or Unix environment.
– Experience with Docker, Git, GitHub and JIRA.
– Experience with ROS or ROS2

We are looking for people enthusiastic about developing the next generation of perception algorithms to tackle the toughest challenges in location and mapping, machine learning, computer vision, and more.

You will be responsible for evaluating cutting-edge ideas from academia and industry, and taking those ideas out of the lab and into the real world, identifying opportunities for improvement, and developing high-performance software to run in real time. You will continue to advance cutting-edge robotics research through collaboration with our academic partners and contributions to research publications and open source initiatives.

Create robust innovative solutions for perception problems
Design, architect and lead the development of new perception modules and functionalities
Development of custom SLAM, computer vision, machine learning, target tracking and perception algorithms
Evaluation of new detection algorithms and technologies and formulation of recommendations
Development of concepts and planning of new products and projects
Work on different sensors such as camera, LiDAR (solid state), IMU…
Support the deployment and testing of robotic systems
Collaboration with internal teams including navigation controls and planning as well as with academic and industrial partners

Advanced degree in engineering/computer science or related field, with relevant experience
Hands-on experience with autonomous systems
In-depth practical and theoretical knowledge in at least one or more areas: state estimation, computer vision, SLAM, machine learning, target detection and tracking, robotic perception
3+ years of software development experience bringing products to market
Experience writing efficient and high performance code
Strong software development skills in modern C++
Proficiency in Linux
Excellent teamwork/communication skills
Ability to develop software development plans including timelines and testing procedures
Discover nonlinear optimization algorithms and nonconvex problems.

Experience with ROS, TensorFlow/PyTorch, Gazebo and PCL.
Knowledge of graph optimization techniques and libraries.
Experience with git/gitlab systems and other software development tools.
Understanding of sensor error modeling, particularly of laser range finders and vision systems.

You ideally have a background in robotics/mechatronics and experience in C++ coding using modern software development practices, Linux operating systems, embedded systems, and, most importantly, delivering products to market. We are looking for candidates with curiosity and a can-do attitude.

Provide C/C++ code capable of interacting with devices, sensors, actuators and other devices in an embedded environment.
Specification, design and implementation of features and behaviors of embedded subsystems.
Develop and integrate mobile robot navigation technology, including low-level control systems and higher-level behaviors.
Work closely with other iFollow software teams on platform-level functionality.

Master’s degree in Computer Science, Computer Engineering, Robotics or related field
3+ years of professional experience in robotics or related field
Solid experience in software development in a Linux environment working with hardware and software teams
Hands-on experience writing firmware/embedded code
Proficiency in at least one of the following: C++, Python
Strong communication and troubleshooting skills

Experience with ROS, Gazebo, Docker, Git
Experience implementing published research