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A modular assistant able to meet different needs in logistics.

The iLogistics model makes autonomous and collaborative any logistics trolley (300 kg)
The robot is operational after a warehouse scan night (no downtime)

Adapted to negative cold

Its robust design and thermal regulation system make it a very versatile assistant that can even evolve in negative cold environments (-25ºC)

Standalone navigation system on your iLogistics model

All iFollow robots, including the iLogistics model, have the necessary equipment for autonomous navigation
offering a level of security far superior to human handling

Latest technologies from research in collaborative robotics

All our robots are designed to help human beings in the accomplishment of their tasks. We made them user-friendly, aesthetic and with which it is most natural to interact. The collaboration between the human being and the machine is created very quickly and in a very natural way
Improvement of working conditions

All handling work is handled by the iLogistics model, helping to reduce MSDs (Musculoskeletal Disorders) very present in this kind of activity

Increased productivity

The iLogistics model has technologies to optimize the entire collection process

Decrease of the error rate

A luminous device is embedded on the iLogistics model to accompany the order preparator when depositing product on preparation trolleys

User-friendly interface

The PickingCare app allows the order picker have a precise and continuous control over the course of his tasks

Supervision : The best of user support

Remote software updates and maintenance follow-up reduce the frequency of visits to the Service Center
Remote Updates

The improvements made by remote software updates avoid as much as possible visits to the Service Center

Smart Alerts

Smartalerts communicate all the needs of your robot. They can guide you to perform a simple repair

Remote Diagnostics

90% of the time, a remote diagnostics can locate a dysfunction and identify the type of repair to be performed

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